Some Editing Commands You Might Not Know You Have

These commands are at least twice as fast as mousing .

Go to beginning of previous word: Option left-arrow ⌥←
Select previous word: Shift option left arrow ⇧⌥←
Delete previous word: Option delete ⌥⌫

Go to end of next word: Option right-arrow ⌥→
Select next word: Shift option right-arrow ⇧⌥→
Delete next word: Option forward-delete ⌥⌦ or shift option delete ⇧⌥⌫

Go to beginning of line: Command left-arrow ⌘←
Select to beginning of line: Shift command left-arrow ⇧⌘←

Go to end of line: Command right-arrow ⌘→
Select to end of line: Shift command right-arrow ⇧⌘→

Go to beginning of paragraph: Control A ⌃A
Select to beginning of paragraph: Shift control A ⇧⌃A

Go to end of paragraph: Control E ⌃E
Select to end of paragraph: Shift control E ⇧⌃E